Weclome to Eastman (A Dubai Diving Equipment Company)
Wet Suit. Male and Female. Available in following thicknesses:
1 mm, 3 mm and 5 mm. All colour and models are subject to change.
Lycra/Nylon mix rash guard.Available for both male and female. Colours and ptterns subject to change.
Wet Suits and Other Neoprene Products
Bootie, Soft Sole, 5 mm thick. Colour and pattern subject to change.
Short Bootie, 2 mm thick
Diving/Fishing gloves, 3 mm thick ( back hand view)

Diving/Fishing Gloves, 3 mm thick. Palm View
Shortie, 3 mm thick. Male and Female.
Colours and patterns subject to change.
Hood, 3 mm thick. Colours and patterns subject to change.
Showroom Location Map
Islamic swim suit available
in black/blue and black/pink